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You (and interested colleagues) are invited to attend the online eMarking Assistant webinar which is held in the last week of every month. The sessions generally last about an hour and available times and dates are listed at http://www.anymeeting.com/peterevans for the exact dates and times in your local timezone and to register (free). If you register and subscribe to the forum you will receive an automatic notification of the confirmed dates and times. If you are familiar with eMarking Assistant you may decide to join 20 minutes into the session.

All sessions will be conducted using the http://anymeeting.com system. Before the meeting you can ensure that your computer is setup correctly by visiting http://www.anymeeting.com/webconference/systemtest.

time from start of session focus of the segment
0 to 5 minutes welcome and ensuring that everyone can participate and is comfortable in the conference environment
5 to 20 minutes describe and demonstrate basic features of eMarking Assistant
  • creating, saving, inserting, customising, and redefining reusable comments
  • using automated marking rubrics which record, add, rescale and convert marks
  • installing and activating the software license
  • other tools e.g. highlighting or Googling phrases in the assignment
20 to 35 minutes
  • asking questions about using eMarking assistant
35 to 50 minutes demonstrate some advanced features of eMarking Assistant
  • inserting and saving audio comments and reducing the size of audio comments
  • managing comment banks: exporting, importing and distributing to others
  • having the assignment read to you as you mark it
  • creating marking rubrics
  • sharing tips for using eMarking Assistant or sharing comment banks and eRubrics
50 to 60 minutes
  • award 2 free 1 year licenses to eMarking Assistant based on questions and shared tips
  • brainstorm topics for future webinars


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email: info@emarkingassistant.com
Skype: evans-pj
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