eRubric assistant: benefits and features

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eRubric Assistant has been designed to help teachers use automated electronic marking rubric. The using automated eRubric marking templates movie is an easy overview of the features of the software.

Benefits using it

The main benefits of using eRubric Assistant for the marker are:

Benefits of using eRubric Assistant marking rubric generator

eRubric assistant allows you to create your own eRubrics with the following benefits:

Features of eRubric Assistant

Using the eRubrics

To highlight the relevant standard for each criteria, click in the cell then press one of the following function keys:

Windows users can also press:

Creating eRubrics

The eRubric is created as a Word document so you do not need to learn another software package and you can easily cut and paste the rubric into any other document. To create your own automated marking eRubric:

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