eMarking Assistant: Buy a 1 year subscription for $USD20

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Step 1 . Download and install the free trial of eMarking Assistant

You can purchase eMarking Assistant before you download and install the trial.

Step 2. Buy a 1 year subscription for only $USD20

You can purchase eMarking Assistant using either (open currency converter in a new window):

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1. Select the number of licenses (and the volume discount)

2. Optional: Enter your eMarking Assistant license ID:
Please enter your 10 letter eMarking Assistant computer ID shown during the installation process and the email address you want your activation code sent to (see note 1 on right):

3. Optional: Recommendation or promotion code
  • enter the full name of person who recommended eMarking Assistant so we can thank them and extend their existing license by 4 months or
  • enter a promotion code to receive an extension of your license e.g. buy 1 year and get 1 year for free
    (see note 2 on the right):

4. Complete the purchase
All subscriptions are valid for 1 year (365 days) from the purchase date. Once you have activated your subscription you can use your computer to generate a 2nd activation code for use on your 2nd computer.
  1. Your eMarking Assistant License ID:
    • If you have already downloaded and installed eMarking Assistant, you can include the 10 letter (e.g. abcde-fghij) License or computer ID shown in eMarking Assistant when you show the toolbar, click the Help tab, click the Install, License ID & buy button, look in the Status field of the Help and License Information window. If you include your License ID, your activation code will be sent to you immediately.
    • If you have not downloaded and installed eMarking Assistant you can still buy eMarking Assistant and your activation code will be emailed to you within 3 days of your sending your license ID to info@eMarkingAssistant.com with your full name and payment details
  2. enter either:
  • the name of the existing licensed user who recommended eMarking Assistant and their license will be extended by 4 months or
  • a promotion code to extend your purchased license


3. Activate your 1 year subscription

Within 3 days of receiving your payment (with your computer ID and email address) you will receive your 10 letter activation code which you can use activate your license beyond the 30 day trial.

A 1 year $USD20 individual eMarking Assistant license can be installed on two computers (e.g. work and home, or desktop and laptop). Comments creating in one year can be reused into the future. If someone buys eMarking Assistant based on your recommendation and provides your full name and computer ID you will be sent a code that will extend your license by 6 months.

Site licenses (3 or more computers) are also available.

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